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Gutter Installation or replacement

Gutters are a critical aspect of a home exterior upgrade. Gutters:

  • Channel rain away from your home

  • Protect your home's siding and foundation

  • Can help keep your basement from leaks and flooding

Gutter replacement

Gutter FAQ's

Q: How long do gutters last?

A: The lifespan of gutters varies between 10 to 25 years. Vinyl is not a sturdy and will last on average 10 yrs. However the typical aluminum gutter may last up to 25 years.


 Q:  Which type of gutters do you recommend?

A: Glenn Powell Siding & Windows recommends seamless aluminum gutters.  This type of gutter is lightweight, won't rust and is the most affordable option.

Q: What size gutters are best for my home?

A: 5 inch or 6 inch widths are using on most homes and handle rainfall effectively in the mid-west.

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